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We went far and wide in search of the best, most authentic ayurvedic treatments - then we found Punarnava Ayurveda, most noted for Vaidyagrama, a natural ayurvedic village, that is home to learned vaidyas and a community dedicated to sustainable ayurvedic practices. Dr. Mubash Basheer, from Vaidyagrama, is our in house vaidya and a long standing specialist who’s available for consultation, or even better, a complete personalised plan.


No two bodies are alike. Neither are our ayurvedic treatments. At the heart of our ayurvedic offering is a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Mubash Basheer, after which an individual plan is drawn up. Consultation involves a complete assessment of a person’s physical, mental and emotional health for a greater understanding of energy constitution and resulting body type. A treatment that brings balance, energy and peace is then drawn up to address your very personal needs.


Ayurveda is a 5000 year old knowledge system that goes beyond the world of massages and one-time treatments. Which is why, the benefits of your consultation don’t end at The Postcard Hotel. Following your treatment, our vaidya goes a step further by offering tips and take-home information on lifestyle changes to help you meet your health goals and bring much needed balance into your daily life.


If you'd like to take an in depth look at our ayurveda offering, why not download our complete menu.


Whether it’s personalising your wellness plan or availing our ayurvedic services from any of our Goa hotels, we are happy to assist you with any kind of request.